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Baking Radio: Chef Gail Sokol's Baking Podcast

Aug 28, 2018

Learn the difference between the two types of frozen desserts, Churn Frozen and Still Frozen. The ingredients that go into a frozen dessert are explored. Several different kinds of frozen desserts are defined and discussed in detail.  

Aug 13, 2018

Explore the two ways to make caramel, and which way is the easiest. Learn the best tips for the smoothest caramel ever. Once you have made caramel, how do you clean the pan? Find out the secret. Chef Sokol shares a simple caramel sauce.

Aug 6, 2018

When granulated sugar, known as sucrose, is heated to the point that it melts and browns, it is known as caramel. Learn the science behind making caramel. Chef Sokol will explain the process of crystallization, and why it is so important to prevent its’ formation to get the smoothest caramel.