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Baking Radio: Chef Gail Sokol's Baking Podcast

Mar 18, 2019

In part 5 of her series, Chef Gail wraps up her discussion of the eight types of cookies with the final two types: the piped cookie and finally the wafer cookie. Piped cookie doughs are soft enough to be piped through a pastry bag fitted with a pastry tip to form cookies of various shapes. A recipe for buttery, Vanilla Strip Cookies is given. The last type of cookie is the wafer cookie which has the special quality of being able to be shaped into anything you wish. This type of cookie comes out of the oven quite malleable, and then firm up as it cools, to become the thinnest and crispiest of all the cookie types. Chef Gail gives her special Polka-Dotted Pirouette Cookie recipe.